Friday, 11 August 2017

PRAGUE: Naše Maso - Best Burger In The World

Edit: This post was written in February 2016 after a holiday in Prague, and I've just come back across it sat in my drafts! The memory of it was too good to waste so here is the post a year and a half later...

I'm currently sat in Prague Airport on my way back home, and reminiscing over my most recent travels. I don't normally write about food but have found myself doing it twice in a row for some reason! I've just been overwhelmed by some of the places we went to in Prague, and I feel so strongly about this place that it would be wrong not to tell the world about it!

Naše Maso is a butcher shop, but they also sell burgers and other food items of a luncheon variety. Neil had done a lot of research on where to go in Prague before we came, and this place was on his list for its famous burgers, so we decided to give it a go on Tuesday.

We knew we wanted the classic beef burger, so although there were a lot of other options we both stuck with that. I got an apple juice, and Neil got a beer (despite it being lunch time - we were on holiday remember! But the locals had no excuse...). The server handed us a cup and told us it was "the tap on the left"... We turned around to this: 

This seems like a genius idea, a literal beer tap! You just help yourself to the left tap, or water on the right if you want. I was so impressed with this place already, thinking it was so cool; I was so busy looking around in amazement that the fifteen minute wait for my burger went by in a flash. 

The burgers arrived medium rare just as we had ordered them, and they looked and smelled fabulous. We tucked in right away and with the first mouthful the juicy deliciously perfect flavour was so amazing that we nearly fell off our chairs. We then proceeded to gobble up our burgers in about five seconds flat! 

Here are some not so flattering photos of us enjoying the burgers a bit too much: 

I kid you not, this burger was so tasty that we went back today, for our last lunch in Prague. This time, they asked us if we wanted cheese - apparently a first for Naše Maso. 

They said that it was an experiment - their burgers have become so popular that they want to start doing other things too, so now they are going to start doing cheeseburgers alongside their existing beef burgers and veal burgers. 

Have you guys ever had some food that was so nice you had to tell everyone about it? Let me know below!

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P.S. A bonus unflattering photo... Why on earth am I eating sideways?!

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