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10 Reasons I'm Really Excited For Autumn

Hello lovely readers :)

It's no secret that I love Autumn, and given that this weekend is the Autumn Equinox and therefore the official start of Autumn, I wanted to celebrate the things I love the most about Autumn in a post! So without further ado, these are the top ten reasons that I am excited about Autumn!


Berry toned and dark lipsticks are my all time favourite type of lipsticks to wear, and in the Autumn, you can get away with wearing them all the time!!! A berry lip is my staple at this time of year, and in the picture above you can see some of my favourites - Charlotte Tilbury's Glastonberry, Mac's Diva, Dose of Colors Berry Me 2, and Rimmel Kate Moss 107 which quite frankly is a blogger staple. I love to wear a really simple makeup look with just a warm bronzer as eyeshadow through my crease, matte black winged liner, a slightly bronzed glow to the face, and then one of the above lipsticks. That is literally my everyday autumn makeup; I just swap out the lipstick to keep it interesting!


Obviously candles can be burned at any time of year, and I certainly love different scents in different seasons, but Autumnal scents are just my absolute favourite. I also seem to burn candles more in Autumn and Winter - I think this is simply because I spend more time in the house at this time of year. Candles, in my opinion, make a home so much more cosy, so comforting and so inviting. Typical autumnal scents in my house include anything from cinnamon to leaves to fires, basically anything with a lovely warm comforting smell, but my current favourite and the candle pictured above is the Next Sandalwood and Amber three wick candle. This is literally heaven in a copper covered jar. <3


Let's face it. Big wooly warm scarves just give everyone life. A scarf is hands down my favourite accessory, and I have too many to count that I've collected over the years. However most of them seem to have a very common theme of some kind of checked pattern in varying autumnal colour schemes. You just can't go wrong with a scarf. My favourites are big ones like the ones pictured (from River Island and Miss Selfridges), because not only do they look incredible and keep you lovely and snug, but if you get too cold they're so big they double up as a nice blanket and keep you really toasty. So practical! I don't even care about looking like a granny, I just like being properly cosy. 


Layering, polo necks, turtle necks, roll necks, high necks, all kinds of necks, long sleeved tops, all are just my favourite! And great big jackets too. I also wear black 99.9% of the time, and in the Spring and Summer it's hard to get away with that, whereas in the Autumn I can fully embrace my love of black clothes and look like I'm going to a funeral everyday. And that will always be acceptable in my eyes! I just pair it with a scarf and accessories to make it a bit more interesting and I'm good to go! However, I also love wearing autumnal colours at this time of year. Olive greens, mustard yellows, deep burgundies, and a nice marl grey are other ways I like to mix up my traditional black. I have a particular burgundy hat (pictured) that I just love!


I love a good coffee as much as the next person, but in Autumn I feel like I can really change up my drink. If I want to that is, if I'm honest I tend to stick to my favourite coffee (vent soy vanilla latte from Starbucks), but I like the fact that I have more options in Autumn. 

I am partial to the odd hot chocolate - my absolute favourite is Galaxy, but as I am dairy intolerant I often switch this out for cacao mixed in with heated hazelnut milk topped with marshmallows - delish. 

I will probably upset most bloggers my going against the grain with this one, but I really really hate Pumpkin Spiced Latte. I love the idea of it, but they're disgusting! I don't know how anyone can claim to like them! 

Something slightly weirder that I haven't done for years but now really fancy one as I'm writing this - an oxo cube in hot water. I know it sounds gross, but seriously try it. It's quite salty but it's sooooo warming; I used to work outside on farms and one of these at lunchtime kept me going through Autumn and Winter. It really warms you up right from the core and it delicious. Don't judge me too much before you've tried it :)


Who doesn't love a nice flickering fire! I love nothing more after a long weekend day walking in the countryside than sitting in front of a log burner or an open fire with all the lights off, a blanket around me, watching the flames licking the logs as I sip on a mug of homemade soup. Which leads me nicely onto...


Specifically spicy parsnip soup, my absolute favourite and a staple for Autumn! I never get sick of it. It's always better homemade, but you can usually buy it in shops if you don't have the equipment/can't be bothered to make it. Other soups are acceptable too, but nothing satisfies my tastebuds more than spicy parsnip, earthy and warming. The perfect lunch or snack at this time of year.


Aren't leaves just one of the most beautiful things? It seems funny that something dead is seen by many as something so picturesque, beautiful and symbolic of Autumn. But there's something so serene about the colours, seeing them fall from the trees and being scattered over the floor. My two favourite places to walk this time of year are Sefton Park and Calderstones Park, both in Liverpool, because they are both absolutely full of trees that are turning with the weather, and you can get some really great landscapes.


I am one of those strange people that loves cold weather, so I can wear loads of layers and feel fresh on nice Autumn walks. I also absolutely love the rain, both when I'm in it and when I'm inside! When I'm in heavy rain I just love getting drenched, as long as I'm not going anywhere that I'm going to care what I look like, and when I'm inside and it's absolutely pounding down it makes me feel so cosy! I just love sitting in the window wrapped up in a blanket watching the rain. It's so calming, really tranquil and I find it really stress relieving to just sit there and concentrate on nothing for a while in silence. 


I also love the change in the time it gets dark - I also really love dark evenings. Again, they just make me feel really cosy, and I love walking round the city at night, I think Liverpool is just beautiful. 

The Pumphouse and The Maritime Museum, Albert Dock, Liverpool

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you love about Autumn!

Sarah xx

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  1. Loving your photography on this post, Sarah! Your flatlays are superb! I'm a big fan of autumn scarves as well, I may well stop by River Island and pick up a new one! I still need to find my autumn candle scent of choice - I've never tried a candle from Next before so I'm going to go round and sniff them all on my next shopping spree hehe!

    Abbey ✨

  2. That is all of the reasons why I love it too! I love scarves especially infinity scarves.


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