Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Why Chocolate Really Is A Girl's Best Friend

Some people will claim it's diamonds, others will says handbags and shoes... But for me, every single time, it has to be chocolate. If you really want to nail down the specifics, my preference is Galaxy. 

When I'm feeling really crappy, particularly if I'm a bit hormonal and needing a little something extra to keep me happy, this is what I reach for every time. On the occasional really bad day, usually when hormones aren't feeling too great either, my emotions seem to multiply by 1000, and I have very up and down emotions at the best of times. On this day, the only thing that will console me, other than the shoulder and arms of my extremely lovely boyfriend, Neil, is a big brown bar of my favourite comfort food.

Of course, I never actually go to buy it myself. Don't be preposterous, I'm in floods of tears, of course I can't go and get it. My amazingly kind boyfriend/slave will patiently stroke my hair/back while he waits for the "Neillllll..?"

He doesn't even have to ask what it is I want it's happened so many times :) but my love of Galaxy makes it easy in our household because Neil is much more of a Dairy Milk type of guy (ugh, I know). 

But that brown loveliness that makes the most satisfying sound as you break off a piece, along with more cuddles from Neil, will always make me feel better on my off days. It melts so wonderfully in your mouth that it takes your mind off everything else going on in the world.

Now for the sciency part - apparently there actually is some science into why chocolate makes you feel better! According to this Science Focus article and a lot of other sources, chocolate contains tryptophan, an amino acid that is used by the brain to make serotonin, which makes you feel happy. Chocolate apparently also contains phenylethylalanine (phew that's a mouthful), which combines with dopamine naturally found in the brain to form an anti-depressant! So basically chocolate is a natural wonder drug. I'm not going to argue with that :)

Little bit of a more personal post this one, but I hope you enjoyed nonetheless! Let me know in the comments what your favourite chocolate is. Or if you're one of those really weird people that doesn't like chocolate at all!

Sarah xx

*disclaimer: This post is absolutely not sponsored by Galaxy, or affiliated with the brand in any way, I just really really love it haha. Photos taken by me.

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