Monday, 27 June 2016

REVIEW: Hannah's Bar, Liverpool

Pink Lemonade, my favourite ever cocktail (and I drink a lot of cocktails)

Hello there!

For my friends this post will probably be no surprise, as I am always raving about this place. I am a huge lover of cocktails, and consume far too many. Hannah's Bar in Liverpool is my favourite ever cocktail bar, so it only felt appropriate that I shared it with you guys, along with some of my favourite cocktails that you can get there!

I was first introduced to Hannah's Bar a few years ago whilst at University. I tended to go out during the week a lot more then than I do now (trying to be a sensible adult - ha ha), and when I discovered that Hannah's Bar not only do incredible cocktails, but they are also 2 for £8 during the week, I quickly became a regular!

You can view the amazing Hannah's Bar Cocktail Menu here :)

I would recommend Pink Lemonade (pictured above), my absolute favourite cocktail of all time, of those that like a sweet drink like me! If you prefer less of a sweet drink but something exotic then go for something like Kissing Kate (pictured at the bottom) or Caipirinha (such an underrated cocktail, one of my faves). For Whiskey based cocktails, go for The Big Apple. Empire State and Dark Cherry Soda are also delicious.

The staff are always friendly, they are incredibly skilled at making cocktails, none of the cocktails I've ever tasted here have been anything other than spectacular and the general aura is amazing. If you like live music and cocktails, this is definitely the place for you! If you live in Merseyside then definitely check it out, or if you and your friends fancy going to a different city for an amazing night out then this is the place to start.

Located on Leece Street, it's a stones throw from Seel Street where all my other favourite bars are, so we normally start in Hannah's Bar for some music and cocktails, and then at about 12 move on to Seel Street and work our way down!

Or if you fancy a mid-week catch up with some friends, it is also good for that - some of the photos in this post were taken on a trip to Hannah's Bar with two of my uni friends, Katie and Chloe. We stopped off at Cuthbert's Bakehouse for some delectable afternoon tea, and then meandered to Hannah's Bar for some fab cocktails and a long awaited catch up!

Day or night, the atmosphere is amazing and it is definitely a must-go place on a visit to the best city in the UK, Liverpool! (I am biased though, I do live here after all)

I hope you enjoyed my review, let me know if you've been to Hannah's Bar in the comments, and if so what your favourite cocktail is! I'm determined to try everything on the menu!

Sarah xx

Pornstar Martini + Two Shots of Prosecco, the cocktail of choice for my friend Katie

Kissing Kates, wonderfully fruity and exotic

A selection of favourites amongst myself and my friends

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